Friday, May 23, 2014

Weekly Menu # 6 Summer Time!!!!

Okay! Like the old song says...."It's Summer Time, Summer time, Sum..Sum...Summer Time"!!!!
So having said that....I've been trying to come up with some recipes that just do not require too much prep time or cook time.  In my books that calls for sittin' in the shade with a big glass of sweet Ice Tea and Lemon, along side a grill  going.
I sure hope y'all enjoy them as much as we do around here.

Jerk Chicken

 1.      Jerk Chicken*    
          Grilled Corn
          Tossed Salad w/ your choice of dressing 
          Iced Tea

          Potato Fries* (Just place on a sheet of foil and place on the grill. DO NOT SEAL 
          Spicy Ketchup*
          Diet Coke

    3.   Lemon Herb Chicken*
          Potato Gratin*
         Almond Green Beans*
          Iced Tea

    4.   Asian Style Ribs*
          Grilled Baked Potato 
          Zucchini and Tomatoes*
          Iced Tea


  5.   Meatballs*
          A side of Linguine
          Tossed Salad w/ Reduced Fat Italian Dressing (Bottled)
          Iced Tea

    6.    Glazed Pork*
           Baked Sweet Potato
           Tossed Salad w/ Asian Ginger  Dressing  ( bottled)
           Iced Tea
           Diet Coke (or your choice)


I would love to hear what you think about these and please share any of your favorite grilling favs.

Food for the Soul: 
Refrain from anger and turn frown wrath; do not fret -- it leads only to evil. 
Psalm 37:8

Blessings  ❤

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