Thursday, May 2, 2013

Almond Green Beans


  • 1 package Frozen Whole Green Beans
  • 1 Low Sodium Beef Bullion Cube
  • 2 t. Dehydrated Minced Onions
  • 1 T. Smart Balance "Butter"
  • 1/2 c. Water
  • 3 T. Slivered Almonds 
  • In a medium size pan put in Water, Low Sodium Beef Bullion Cube, Dehydrated Minced Onions, Smart Balance "Butter", and Green Beans
  • Cook on high heat until boiling
  • While Green Beans are waiting to boil, place Almonds in a shallow oven safe dish and toast in oven at 350 º  just until turning a light golden color
  • When the Green Beans start boiling turn down heat and simmer Green Beans just until they start to get tender. They should still be a bright green 

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