Wednesday, September 10, 2014

PinTrusted or PinBusted ~ Using Fabric Softener To Remove Wallpaper

Hey Y'all!!
Okay today I'm going to test this pin on Pinterest.  Removing Wallpaper using Fabric Softener.

Here we go.  I've had to remove wallpaper in my Bathroom and Kitchen (future post) makeovers.

This is my bathroom before I started tackling the wallpaper.  I must admit I was somewhat intimidated by the thought of having to take this stuff down.  I had heard a bunch of horror stories and I didn't want to be added to the infamous list!!! 

Many sights on the internet and Pinterest as well said to use one of these little Scorer Tools. 
As you can see it has these little "teeth" that makes holes into the wallpaper surface. This is suppose make it porous and allow wallpaper stripper to penetrate through so it will come down "easier".  I have never used one of these tools so I can't say if it works or not.  But seeing what it looks like when you use this tool it seems like it would make it come down in tiny pieces.  Seems very time consuming!!  Plus the cost of the tool is approximately $13.00 + wallpaper stripper approximately $4.50 for 32 oz.  

So I started doing my research on Pinterest of course, with the thought in mind that things don't always go as planned or instructed.  I first had to pull the old wallpaper off.  Wallpaper is in 2 layers.  The first is the pretty part and the other is the layer that is left behind when you pull it down. 

I just got on little corner to let go and started pulling the outer layer off the walls.  I was amazed at how easy it came down.  Then I was left with the under layer to try and get off.  
I think this is probably the "nightmare" layer.

I went to my laundry room grabbed the fabric softener, a spray bottle and water. 
Now this pin said to use equal parts of Fabric Softener and Water.  I did that.  Then it said to spray it on the wall.  I did that too.  But my hands began to get pretty sore.  And it was kinda hard to control where the overspray would go.  Down on the floor, counter and anything else that was below.  In the blog post she does say she found out too how sore her hand got.  She decided to use a paint tray and paint roller.  
I didn't see any since in wasting a paint roller because I'm not sure how well the Fabric Softener would rinse out of the roller and how paint would react if I used it again. I'm a fairly frugal lady and didn't want to waste a good paint roller.  So that is why I took a bowl and a rag and started dabbing it on. She also said the paint roller was a little messy but I found dabbing the rag on the wall not to be messy at all. It was SOOOO much better than spraying or rolling.  As you can see it came down in sheets.  

Dab it on.  But do not let it dry or you'll have to start all over.  Do this in small patches.  Dab, wait just a moment to let the liquid soak in good and then pull the "nightmare" layer down.  

Once you get the "nightmare" layer off you need to wash the walls with warm water. Do not soak the walls, just wipe with a  rag or sponge to get rid of any of the leftover glue and Fabric Softener.  You will be left with a wonderful smelling room for a few days.  Please be sure to let the walls completely dry before you finish them.  

So I have concluded that this pin in a PinTrusted pin!!!

Encouragement For The Soul ~ Commit to the LORD whatever you do, 
               and your plans will succeed. Proverbs 16:3

 Blessings ♥ 

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