Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bathroom Makeover!!

Well it's almost finished!!

All I have to do is paint the frame that Bill (my Hubby) made to go around the bathroom window. 

I was going to give you a play by play on the pictures but I believe they can speak for themselves.  So sit back and enjoy!

The Before

 I will show you in a tutorial later how to take your wallpaper off super easy!

Getting The Walls Ready

I took the medicine cabinet out.  Bill asked me what I was going to do to cover up that big hole?
I told him just wait!!  You'll see!

Here I added Joint Compound to my bathroom walls.  It gives the look of Venetian Plaster.  
Very easy to do!!  I'll be showing you how to use this in a tutorial later.

He was so surprised when he came home from work to see what I had done that day!  
Whew!!  It fits!

Here I am screwing in the drywall!

 After looking and searching for a paint color I finally came up with a color that Benjamin Moore makes called "Dessert Tan"  I went to Home Depot and they made it for me. When I started painting I thought to myself....that is sooooo dark and golden. But I thought I should give it a chance.  
So I cut in the whole room. 

 Then I decided to make that "big W" but I thought I better put it where it will be hidden until I'm sure I like this paint color. 

It just didn't get better....I was so disappointed.....not sure what to do now.

So we went back to Home Depot and I looked and I looked and I was just stumped!
God has an amazing sense of humor though...doesn't He?
I was standing in front of all those paint chip samples feeling completely overwhelmed.  All of a sudden a man came up to me and said "You're really concentrating aren't you?"  "Why look so troubled?"
I looked at him and said "You have no idea!!"  I told him my dilemma thinking he worked in the paint department.  He told me a solution.  "Take your paints (all I had was my acrylic craft paints) and to mix them to get my color.  Try it on your wall first.  When you get the color you like, make a swatch and bring it in and they can mix it up for you as a custom color".  I heard the heavens open and angels singing "Hallelujah"!!!
I went straight home and did what he told me to do and it worked!!!!!!!!!
Oh by the way you know I told you I thought he worked in the paint department.....nope...he was the Heat and Air Salesman!!!  Only God!!

Vanity Door & Drawers are getting painted. I'll show you how I did it in a tutorial.

Sorry for the blurry pic but this is the only one I have of the window after the 
static cling "stain glass" was pulled off.

 I had to prep the floor for the paint.  I figured painting the floor was better than just bare wood.  Our original flooring started pulling up so we helped it and pulled it up the rest of the way. I just can't decide how I want them to look.  So they were just sitting and waiting. 

The After!!!!!

Coming together!!

I have always loved shutters.  A friend of ours had given us some shutters out of his old house when he was renovating it.  They have been up in the loft out in our "barn" for YEARS.  I was trying to decide what kind of window treatment I wanted to use in the "new" bathroom, when I remembered those shutters.  Our bathroom window is 24" x 36". The shutters were 48" x 32".  Not quite the right size but my sweet Bill figured out how to make them work.
Here I am screwing the hinges back on. 

I will be doing a few tutorials on how to take down wallpaper and using joint compound to do the special finish on walls and painting over laminate.

What do you think about how my bathroom turned out?  

Encouragement For The Soul ~ 
God will make you fit for what He's called you to be.....2 Thessalonians 1:11

Blessings ♥


  1. This looks AMAZING!!! And all for $140!!! Just WOW! You're definitely blessed with great vision & talent <3

    1. Thanks Lori! You're so sweet. I used a lot of supplies I already had!
      Still have a few more things I want to do in there later on.
      Blessings ♥


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