Friday, June 13, 2014

~ Day 5 ~ Organizing The Master Bedroom #3

Good Morning!!
Glad to see you're back!
There should be some light at the end of all that clutter and stuff starting about now!
I'm very proud of the progress you've made so far.
I hope you're proud of yourself and the big steps you've taken so far this week.

You ought be about ready to start putting all your clothes and other items that will fit back into your closet today. I'm going to go ahead and give you some information on getting organization to all your things.

{My Clothes Before}
                      You have just entered a part of my world that no one but family has ever seen.
This is what it looked like before I was able to put some organization into my small space.
Come in to see more if you dare........

{Armoire Before}

This  is going to sound kinda strange, but now would be a good time, if you can, to change your hangers to wooden, clear with a metal hook or plastic.  If not it can be done later.

{Dollar Tree}

NO! I'm not Joan Crawford!! " I SAID! NO WIRE HANGERS!! "  I never understood that fetish.
Come to find out though there really  is a good reason to do this.
Wire hangers can break down the fabric.
This causes your clothes to sag and hang funny on the hangers and also on you!
Its just something to think about. I know they can be pricey especially the wooden hangers.

I was very lucky to be able and switch over a few years ago. 
When Foley's  was still around the sales lady would ask you if you wanted the hangers. 
Shoot if its free count me in!!
So one day I got bold enough and asked for a few extras.  She told me absolutely. 
Then she told me that they would be throwing them away anyway.
So I asked if I could have some more. Eventually I got more than enough.
{The Container Store}

{My Closet After}
Today, if you haven't already, I want you to start grouping your things.
  1. Start by putting all your your clothes into group 
    • pants  
    • short 
    • dresses
    • skirts 
    • tops
      2.   Start putting them back into your closet
    • Arranged by color. (Pinks, Blues, Browns, etc.) 
    • Arrange them from Light or Dark.
    •  Dressy to Casual 

Now the fun begins!!!! 

{Dollar Tree}
Organizing your space!
This is the part that will help you keep all your hard work from crumbling apart.
You can use baskets, boxes, bins, etc.  The Dollar Tree has all sorts of storage items for organizing

{Dollar Tree}
{Dollar Tree}

{Dollar Tree}

You just need to be sure that what you choose is going to be easy to use.

Our closets have sliding door. Not a big fan.  They also have that useless center "wall". 
I say does hold the clothes bar up. 
Oh well, I can't do anything with it. Its too close to the doors so hanging things there isn't easy. 
I have my handbags hanging on a long nail. Hey it works and it was cheap! 
I'm really contemplating on my money and getting one of those closet inserts like this one from
 Lowe's Home Improvement
Oh what fun it would be to have a place to store my handbags, shoes or other things in the center shelving. Because right now all my closet will accommodate is my clothes really. But for now that's okay!
{ClosetMaid @ Lowes}

These are some shots of my Armoire after my switch-a-roo and the right side of my closet.  
Not a big change. I know......

{Armoire After}
{Right Side Of Closet After}

No matter how big or how small your closet is they all store our clothes. Some can store more than just clothes.

So you may be one of those that has only seasonal things in your closet. I've never done that until I doing this series. I cleaned out the Armiore in the Master Bedroom and found new homes for the most of the thing I had stored inside.  So now I have a place to store the jackets, sweatshirts and sweaters. If you have to keep all your clothes inside the closet you can just move your clothes around. Put whatever the season is in the front.  For example, during Spring & Summer you would put in front all your short sleeve tops and blouses, crops, etc.

Just get your closet all put back together. Don't worry about all the clothing accessories and such. You've got enough to finish up.

And remember tomorrow is Saturday and this is just a Monday through Friday project.  Cause remember....Betsy plays on Saturdays and then Sundays is all about Faith and Family!
So YEA!!!! See how much you can get done today. Then on Saturday while you're out and about, take a look at some storage and organization items that will work for your closet and you pocketbook.

How's your Master Bedroom coming along?
I would love to hear from you! 

Encouragement For The Spirit:  The only impossible journey is the one you never begin. 
                                                                               Anthony Robbins

Blessings  ♥

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