Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What A Busy Day!

Oh my goodness!  Today has been such a busy day.

I had the privilege to do a favor for a sweet friend of mine.
She is expecting a new baby girl, Lilly, in just a few weeks.
I think that is such a pretty name.  Don't you?

She wanted to see if I would have time to clean her home a
couple of times before she goes to the hospital and delivers sweet Lilly.

How could I say no to her?
After all she is 8 months pregnant and
she is still working full time!
Not me!!  I quit work around 7 months and I know
I took advantage of being pregnant and I loved it!!

I do though remember how difficult it was to clean my home when I was 8 months pregnant!
Somethings you just do not forget!
So I jumped at the chance to help her out.
She was so excited!!

When I went today she, like her Mom, who's house I also clean, is so neat and organized it makes it a pleasure to go and take care of their homes for them.

I love it when everything has a place
and everything is in it's place.
It also doesn't hurt to have enough room for everything to have a place!

Even though it was very organized there was still a lot of dust and doggy hair!
She has 4 dogs, 2 boxers and 2 pugs.  Needless to say, there is a lot of shedding going on all over the house.

I cleaned top to bottom....ceiling to floor....corner to corner and everywhere in between!

When I left 6 hours later it not only smelled great, it looked even better than before.

Enjoy!  Sweet Friend!

Betsy  ♥

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