Sunday, April 14, 2013

Glorious Day!

What a glorious day it is today!

I just love the rain because we need it so badly....but it is always such a blessing to receive the sunshine after a few days of clouds and rain.  Isn't it?

Well today I went outside and took a look around. 
It is so amazing how awesome things are after a rain.  Everything just seems so much greener and fresher than ever before. 

My kitty Annabelle
There is a tree that I just looked at two days ago, outside my kitchen window.  It had just started to bud out little bitty tiny leaves. So small you had to look really hard to see them.  While I was out in the backyard this morning I took another look at it and WOW!  The tree has gone from bare with just a few buds to boom!  It has leaves....real leaves on the branches now!  I know that probably seems so silly to some...but I guess I never really took note to just how quickly our scenery changes here in Texas.
Our boxer Dixie doing what she does best

Our black lab mix Cole
Take a moment out of your busy day today or tomorrow and  just take in all the beauty that nature has in store around you.
We so often take what God has given us for granted don't we?....even the simplest and smallest of things like the leaves on a tree.

Go outside right now and tell me what you see that you had never really ever taken note of.....


  Betsy  ♥

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