~ Around My Home ~

Hi there!
We live in a 65 year old home.
I call it my God's Home for a very good reason.

You see about 18 years ago our lives were turned upside down.
We were forced into a lifestyle change that, at least at the time, I would
not have wished on even my worst enemy.

My husband and I along with our 3 children, 2 dogs and a cat had to find
a new place to live and fairly quickly too.

We were given the opportunity to repair and fix-up this house for Mr. B's old boss.  It had been a rent house for years, so needless to say it was an absolute mess.

We had hopes that maybe after we finished the work and repairs the owner might cut us some slack and let us rent and live in the house.  Which he so graciously did.

Now for the reason I call it my God's Home......not only did the man let us fix the house, pretty much how we wanted too, he.....now are you ready for this?  He also let us live here rent free for the next 5 years.
Now you tell me....what would you be calling this house?

I don't know why I get so surprised by God, but I do.
You see He knew we needed a place to live and he also knew that this man
had a house that needed much repair and He amazingly brought the two of us together.

After five years were up he sold us the house at a below market value and we have live here ever since...almost 20 years now and I just do not see us going any where else any time soon.

God always has a plan for your life....you just have to be open to His leading and be willing to follow along with His plan.

Sorry I don't have any pictures just right now.  However I am getting ready to do some very minor changes so check back a little later on.


Betsy  ♥