Wednesday, September 24, 2014

PinTrusted or PinBusted How To Get Print Off Plastic Containers

Hey Y'all!!!
Today's PinTrusted or PinBusted review is from  FilthWizardry.Com
It's a fairly popular pin on Pinterest.  So I thought I would give it a try.

You take your plastic container of choice....all I had on hand was a container of Sour Cream so here it goes.....!

The original blog post states to remove the print all you need is a "Mr. Clean Magic Sponge" (or brand of choice) and your container.  

Wet the magic sponge and start rubbing.  
She doesn't give any length of time to rub.  
So I rubbed for a good bit and with a good amount of pressure too, until nothing else was coming off.  Since this container still has my sour cream in inside I just did a small spot for our experiment.  As you can see it did come off but not all the color came off.  If you are wanting to have a perfectly cleaned off container then I would say this is Pinbusted.  
However if you are just wanting the print to be gone and do not care that there is discoloration then 
I guess you could say this Pintrusted!
What are your thoughts on this PinTrusted or PinBusted pin?  Have you had better success than I did?
Love to hear your thoughts!!!

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