Wednesday, August 6, 2014

PinTrusted or PinBusted ~ Miracle Cleaner ~

Hey Y'all,
It's that time of the week when we see if a pin is Trusted or Busted.

This week I decided to put the "Miracle Cleaner" to the test.  You know the one that claims you can make your pans look like new again by making this paste out of Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide.  I have just the cookie sheet to test it on.  So come on and check it out.

I know....let's all say it together....GROSS!!!!

So I got the supplies I was going to need, my box of Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide and my bowl to mix my concoction in.

I am really am rooting for this!!!  I would love to see this trusty little baby shine once again!!
So I poured it it me or do you think this blob looks like a snow man?  Ha! Ha! I know such simple things can make me chuckle!!

I spread it out

Getting it as even on one side as I can.

And now we wait.........

Oh LOOK!!!  It is starting to do a little bubbling action!!

And we wait.....

45 minutes now have gone by since I last looked at it.  Let's take a quick look.

Oh WOW!!!  Look how puffy it has gotten.
Surely something is going on under all those bubbles at least one would think so anyway!

And we wait another 15 min....

The original post from "One Good Thing By Jilliee" never really gave a specific time to wait. She said she went to breakfast.   But I thought I would give it at least an hour.

Now let's see....Ooops I forgot to get a picture of it when I just shoved the concoction to the left a little.

But when I did...nothing moved.  I mean NOTHING!!

The original post said she just rubbed a little of the cleaner off and that she was astonished.

Me too!!!!  At first I thought okay that's a bust! And going by what she said it is a bust.  But I read some of the comments below the post and decided to put a little elbow grease into this.  I got out my Scotch Brite Scouring Sponge and started scrubbing.
I scrubbed.....and I scrubbed.
Now at this point I have started to sweat!
Not at all what the original post had said!

Look at that sludge! Yuk!

Okay you can see that I did give it my all.
And I hope you can see that I did try to scrub the side that had never had the "Miracle Cleaner" on it just to see if the "Miracle Cleaner" had made a difference.
Guess what?  It did!  I put just as much time and effort in scrubbing the left side as I had on the right side of my cookie sheet! And not much at all happened on the left side.

So I'm torn....
I give it a Busted for the fact that it did not do what the original post had said!


But I give it a Trusted for the fact that if you really want to get your pans cleaner than they are now and don't mind scrubbing then go for it.  
You can decide on this one!  Which one Trusted or Busted?

Encouragement For The Soul ~  Each journey with God is an adventure of FAITH.

 Blessings ♥ Betsy

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