Wednesday, August 20, 2014

PinTrusted or PinBusted ~ Edge Colored Cupcake Liners

Hey Y'all, 
It's that time again when we try another pin from Pinterest to see if it can be Trusted or Busted!

Today I'm going to try this pin from "Hello Little Wren".   Lauren shows us how to dress up our plain ol' white cupcake liners.  Her's are really cute aren't they?
{Lauren's Cupcake Liners from "Hello Little Wren"}

How wonderful that would be if they really here we go!!!!

According to her instructions you need Food Coloring, Water, Container to put the liquids in and Cupcake Liners.  Oh and something to cover your work area so you don't end up coloring your countertops too!

All I had on hand was Blue and Green Food Colors.  I got my stuff together and started dipping.

Lauren didn't tell how long to let them soak so I just counted to 15 and then tried to get them out of the bowls without squishing them.

To me getting them out of the liquid is probably the most difficult part.  They want to close up on you.  So I got a fork and a knife to help lift and elevate them out of the bowls.

I did quickly discover you do not have to wait to the count of 15. Since they don't really soak up very well.  You are just simply putting a coating of color that will color the edges.

I just dipped, pressed gently to immerse the cups {they do like to just float} and took them right out.

Also I discovered you can squish them and they pretty much bounce back so to speak.
They are pretty resilient little things.

Now to let them dry..........{whistle, whistle, whistle}.....this is definitely a project that you need to plan ahead for.  It took approximately 1 ~ 1&1/2 hours for them to dry completely.  Of course they don't all dry at the same time.  The first ones will dry before the last.    

 This one is probably one of my favorites.  It is a specialty cupcake liner from Wilton's.
This little cup didn't do too well.  He kinda wimped out on me.

But I do believe this is a Trusted Pinterest Pin!!!!  Like I said just be sure and plan ahead!!!

What are your thoughts on this Pinterest Pin?  
Do you think you will be trying these little cuties? 

Encouragement For The Soul ~ Harsh words make no friends; a spoonful of honey will catch more flies than a gallon of vinegar ~ Benjamin Franklin                                                                                                      

 Blessings ♥ 

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