Monday, July 28, 2014

The Kitchen Project

Good Morning!!  It's great to be back. I think we are finally back to some normalcy for a while. Hope you're doing well!

Today I wanted to show you my latest project.  Now mind you I have just gotten started and it will take a little while to get it all finished.

Friday I got a wild idea!  And I had a little uninvited friend that help motivate me!  He had decided my home was his home too and I decided Oh No It's Not!!!!

So with a little courage.....not knowing what I might find....I took the bottom out from under my sink cabinet!  It wasn't pleasant at all! Ugh! It hadn't seen the light of day in over 50 years.  It was like unveiling a time capsule!  I found bottle caps, you know the kind you need a bottle opener for.  I found someone's hospital bracelet.  I even found this!

It's what ladies use to put up their strawberries and peaches in so they could freeze them.  I wish it had come out all in one piece. My hubby and I remember seeing our grandmothers with these cute little boxes.

I pulled and I tugged until I got of the rotted wood and yuk all up and out of there.

When Bill came home from work that day, I met him at the door with a glass of ice tea....I stood tall, trying to hide what was behind me and I asked him "how was your day? was it long? honey I love you!"  He looked at me and said "what have you done?"  He knows me well.  After 45 years he knows when I've been up to something....I said..."well?" And he shook his head and took a look behind me and saw the bottomless cabinets under the sink.  And he smiled and said "I knew I should've stayed home another day".  I told him "you know I shouldn't be left alone unattended" and we just laughed as I started explaining my game plan as it was in my head!

As you can see I have plugged up the holes made by our uninvited guest and put up hardware cloth (there is nothing cloth about it).  It's a 1/4" mesh wire that I cut into strips and then I got to use a Brad Nailer (kinda like this one)!!!   Oh The Power!!!   Bill just sat back and watched me having fun!

 This was the biggest hole.  This was his way in from outside!!!! Shoooooo!
And you can see I have it all covered and even placed some cement caulking inside the hole!

 This is a hole where our uninvited guest made so he could enter behind the dishwasher.  

 Nasty!!! This is behind the dishwasher.  You can see in the left back corner one of the holes I had to cover up. This was where he found he could make his way out and into our kitchen!!! Ugh!!!  But I put wire over it too!  Hehehe!!

Made a frame for the cabinet floor to sit on.  There wasn't a frame before. So it kinda sagged.

 Framing work

  More Framing Work

Made the cabinet edge wider that it was so you can't see the outside edge of the dishwasher wall.

New Kick Boards

For a long time I've wanted to paint my lower kitchen cabinets.  I wanted to paint them "Pottery Barn" black. However since I'm not the only one living here and Bill wasn't too keen on the idea of black kitchen cabinet we made a compromise.  We both liked how the bathroom project turned out so I decided that was the same technique I would use on the lower kitchen cabinets.
When we moved into our 50+year old house my Daddy had helped me fix it up and kinda make it our own.  I had always loved glass doors on kitchen cabinets.

So he took my solid wood doors just those on the bottom and cut out the insides and put window panes in for me.  I'm so proud of them and could never ever even think of getting rid of them.  So they will stay the same.

As you can tell by the pictures above I have a whole lot of work ahead of me.

Oh so much to do and so little time to do it in.

But I will get it done and when I do you will be the first to see it.  So please keep coming back to see the work and the finished project!

Do you have any projects you're working on?  Have you ever used any power tools? 

Encouragement For The Soul ~ The world has yet to see what you and God can be!

 Blessings ♥ Betsy


  1. I need for you to come over to my house after you're done with yours! I have lots of projects that you can test your skills on and even learn some new skills!!

    1. Ha! I have really been putting my skills to the test. Some good and some well lets say a carpenter would probably be doing an eye roll and a belly laugh watching me! Thanks for your vote of confidence though!
      Blessing ♥


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