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How To Speed Clean Your Bathrooms ~Day 13 ~ Clean & Organize Your Life & Home

Well did you get your kitchen done yesterday?  I know it was the fastest you've every cleaned it before!
Today we will use the same techniques in the Bathroom as we did in the Kitchen.  However all rules were made to be broken at times and this is one. We will be making 2 trips around the bathroom since it is a WET and DRY Area!

The Bathroom
Cleaning items you will need in your Carry-All Caddy
  1. "The Works" Shower Cleaner
  2. 2 qt. Plastic Pitcher
  3. Blue Scrub Sponge
  4. Spray Bottle w/ Bleach Solution (diluted 1 part bleach to 4 parts water)
  5. 409 Cleaner
  6. Window Cleaner
  7. Toilet Brush
  8. Tile Brush
  9. 4 Cleaning Cloths
  10. Duster

You will also need:
Broom & Dust Pan
Broom, Dustpan, Bucket and Mop

Cleaning Apron
  1. Plastic Scraper
  2. Razor-blade holder w/ sharp blade
  3. Toothbrush
  4. 2 Plastic Zip Bags
  5. 4 Black Binder Clips to hold bags in 2 pockets of apron
Starting Point
Walk into the bathroom and go over to the tub.  Place your Carry-All Caddy to the right end of the bathtub. 
Remember to walk and clean in a clockwise manner. This time will be a little different that the kitchen. Do not place your feather duster in your back pocket. Also do not put your cleaning cloths in your apron pocket yet!
Today unlike the kitchen where we made only one trip around the room, today we will be making two trips around the room!

  1. First will be to do the wet cleaning
  2. Second will be to do the rest of the room

Ready!Tie on apron

  1. Place Window Cleaner & 409 Cleaner in their loops on your apron.
  2. Set trash can outside the door. Or if there is a trash bag inside the can take it out instead and put in a clean bag. 
  3. Lay rugs onto the carpeted area if planning to vacuum
First Trip Around!

Shower & Tub
  1. Set all the stuff on the tubs edge onto the floor out of the tub including the bar of soap. Be sure to place it upside down so the soft side it up! 
  2. Grab the Shower Cleaner & Scrub Brush from your Caddy.
  3. Spray  Shower Cleaner on the shower wall & tub.
  4. Working from the end away from the drain, scrub the shower wall using gentle circular motions.  Let the chemical do the work! 
  5. Go back where you started and using you Scrub Sponge start gently rubbing. See how much easier it is coming off now that it has sat on there for just a few minutes.
  6. Use your toothbrush to clean the fixtures as you come to them and to get around and in all those creases and small places
  7. You will learn to feel the difference in the friction of a dirty surface and a clean surface.  The dirty usually feels a little draggy and the clean will feel smooth and move freely
  8. Use Toothbrush to clean the soap dish
  9. If there are shower doors don't forget to clean the runner and wall edges with the Toothbrush
  10. Time to clean the tub. Start at the end farthest from the drain working the scrub sponge in a circular motion. 
  11. Place your un-rinsed  tile brush & sponge in the sink. 
  12. Now its time to rinse the shower and tub. If there is a removable shower head use it! Use cold water, hot water will make fog.  Start with the door and walls. Save the tub for last. Moving all the foam and water toward the drain. 
  13. Wipe the fixtures dry
Sink Inside
  1. Take the scrub brush & sponge you placed in the sink and use them to clean the inside of the sink now. 
  2. Once sink is clean, rinse out brush, sponge and sink. 
  3. Wipe the sink fixtures in just a moment. Wait!
  5. Put items  back around tub edge that you set on the floor so you could clean the tub area. 
  6. Grab the toilet brush and bowl cleaner out of Caddy

  1. Squirt cleaner around the inside of the toilet bowl under the rim.
  2. Move the brush in a scrubbing and circular motion 
  3. Clean as deep in the bowl as you can, to get as much of that gunk out. 
  4. Don't forget to clean around & under the rim
  5. Flush / rinsing toilet bowl brush
  6. Put brush and cleaner back into the Caddy

Second Trip Around
  1. Get the duster out of the caddy and place it in you back pocket
  2. Get 1 Microfiber Dusting Cloth and place it in a pocket
  3. Get 4 Cleaning Cloths; 2 in your apron and one over your shoulder and use the other to start cleaning (you may need less or more cleaning cloths)
  4. When the cloths get too wet gently toss onto Caddy
  5. Starting at the right of your Caddy; work clockwise around the room
  6. When you get to the mirror lightly spray your window cleaner onto the mirror 
  7. Wipe until dry
  8. Go back over Mirror with the Microfiber Dusting Cloth to remove any streaks
  9. Remember to place your Window Cleaner back in your apron after each use. Don't sit it down!
  10. Check for fingerprints on door facings and light plates. Use your 409 to take care of them
  11. If It Isn't Dirty Don't Clean It
  12. Dust any vertical areas as these are the place dust likes to land
  13. Check corners for cobwebs and under cabinets for dust bunnies
  14. Remember the towel racks and toilet paper holder. They collect dust too.

Vanity and Sink Fixtures
  1. Spray window cleaner lightly on countertop and fixtures and wipe with a cleaning cloth
  2. If there is soap scum around handles use your toothbrush to tackle them and any crevices and in corners too
  3. Use a dry cloth for the final wipe to make the fixtures shine!
Fingerprints and Debris
  1. Check below the sink and around the cabinet for fingerprints
  2. Dust windowsills, pictures moldings, etc.
  3. Don't forget the light fixture
Outside of Toilet
  1. Clean from top to bottom - top of tank to bottom of the bowl to the floor using 409 cleaner
  2. Cleaning the seat-
    • spray the underside of the seat and lower it
    • spray the top of the seat DON'T WIPE YET
    • spray the underside of lid and lower it
    • spray the top of lid and hinges and small flat area of porcelain on the far side of them
  3. Hang your 409 back into loop on apron
  4. Start wiping in the reverse order that you just sprayed. 
  5. Use the toothbrush as needed
Shower Door Outside
  1. Just before you get ready to go back to your Caddy stop and spray the outside of the door and wipe with a clean cloth 
  2. Set Carry-All Caddy outside the door
  1. Sweep starting at the farthest point from the exit door and use dustpan to gather the debris 
  2. Throw debris into trash outside the door
  3. Now mop starting at the same place you started sweeping ending up at the exit door.
All Done!!!!!!

Now see it went pretty fast didn't it?!  The more times you work with your Cleaning Apron on the more comfortable and easier it will become. 
Tomorrow I will be taking a day off from my blog. I will be back on Friday and we will talk about how to clean the Living Room. So until Friday have a great day of cleaning

♥Please if you have any questions about anything I've shared with you or you have ideas that you would like to share leave a note below by clicking on the "Comment" link in the bright green box at the bottom of this post and I will do my best to get you a quick answer. Also when I have mentioned many items and locations to purchase them; I do not get any money or kick back for doing so. I am merely trying to make it easier for you to locate the items. Thank you so much for your visit here today and I hope you were able to glean something from it.

Encouragement For The Spirit:  
Commit your work to the Lord, and then it will succeed. Proverbs 16:3


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