Thursday, June 19, 2014

~ Day 9 ~ 6 Ways To Get Your Kids Organized

Organized was the last thing I was as a child. 
{The Land of Nod}

My Daddy said my room had the best carpet in the whole house....Hum wonder why? 

My Mom makes fun of me now about how when I was little.  She would tell me to go clean my room so we could get up in the morning and go to town. 
I would go into my room and start cleaning, or to hear her tell it, I would start shoving things under my bed and into my closet. I would shove so much junk into my closet that it almost wouldn't close. Then the rest of the stuff, I would tidy up into stacks all around the edges of my room.  Does any of this sound familiar? Are your kids organizationally challenged? I sure was. Unfortunately I learned what I saw.  Do your kiddos see you organized? If you and your child are having a hard time getting everything cleaned and keeping it that way then this is for you. 

Okay its been a week since we got their room cleaned up and now I want to give you some tools to try and get them and keep them organized. 

#1 Socks drive me crazy! I get tickled when I see kids with 2 different
 socks on. Here's an idea! Use clothespins to keep their socks together in their sock drawer. That way they just pick up a clothespin and have a pair of socks in their hands. These would be great; 1 color for each child!

{Home Decorators}
#2 Have a specific place for kids to put their backpacks when they come home in the afternoon from school. This will save a lot of time in the morning when leaving for school. 
    •  My daughter has made a mudroom  in her laundry room. She purchased a hall tree and each child has their own hook to hang their coats & backpacks. They also have a basket to place small items in as well.

    {The Land of Nod}
    • If you don't have a space to create your own mudroom you could use colored bins by the door you come and go from  

Before a birthday or Christmas take time to have them clean out all the toys & clothing they no longer use.
    • Using the 3 bag system
      • keep: anything that they still play with or wear
      • toss: anything broken or torn and cannot be repaired
      • donate: anything they do not play with or that is too small

{The Land of Nod}

Kids need shelves, hooks and bins

    • let them help you decide what to put into each bin
    • store games, trophies and collectibles on shelves
{The Land of Nod}
               These cute kids storage items are from The Land of Nod. I would've gone broke if they had been around when my kids were small
{The Land of Nod}
{The Land of Nod}

#5 Bulletin Boards are a great place to put all their artwork & awards

#6 Desk or Table 
    {The Land of Nod}
    • good lighting
    • supplies: pencils, paper, paper clips, stapler, ruler, hole punch, rubber bands

{The Land of Nod}

  • If they don't have room for this in their bedroom be sure to have all the supplies together for them in color coded boxes

I hope this has given you some ideas on how to help your kiddos become more organized. Remember they are watching and learning by what you do. So if you want them to be more organized you've gotta be more organized too. Everything has a place and everything is in its place.

Encouragement For The Spirit: There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven. ~ The Book of Ecclesiastes ~

Blessings  ♥

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