Wednesday, June 18, 2014

~ Day 8 ~ 6 Ways Of Organizing That Mountain Of Paper!!

Paper!! Paper!!! Paper!!!!!
Its everywhere!!
The kids bring it home! The hubby brings it home!! And oh my word!!! The mailman even delivers it to your home!!!!  HELP!!!!
If there is one thing I have learned about all that paperwork doesn't take care of itself.  Nope! It just keeps right on growin'!
Some times ya just gotta take the "bull by the horns" so to speak and get it done before it gets totally out of hand! If it isn't already. And if that's where you are today, I'm going to try and give you some practical ways to get that paper all under control, with the help from Emily Barns, of course!

There are 6 ways to get that mountain of paper a whole lot tamer

         1. Set aside some time each day to go through and sort papers. This will help cut down on the chaos by simply doing a little each day.
         2. Gather the necessary items to get you organized
    • Metal filing cabinet or file boxes
    • File folders
    • Plastic trash bags
    • Sharpie marker
           3.Work your way through every stack of paper. Don't get caught up in reading it all. Scan and make a decision where it goes
          4. Sort into 4 stacks
    • Keep: recipes, articles, kids school papers.  Keep it to a minimum. Don't stop to read old letters, recipes and articles.  
    • Trash: Put throwaway papers into bags and carry them out to the trash immediately. It's a great feeling and sense of accomplishment 
    • Shred 
    • File: Keep legal papers for a minimum of 7 years
           5. File
    • Categorize the papers you're keeping (bank statements/cancelled checks, credit cards, utilities, taxes, mortgage, IRS papers, investments)
    • Make a folder for each account
    • Make a folder for each family member so you can keep health records, report cards, notes, drawings, and other special papers 
    • Other categories might be, vacation possibilities,  Christmas Card List, Warranties, etc.
    • Place in filing cabinets or bankers boxes
            6. Store
    • Label file boxes so at a glance you know what's in the box
    • Recipes: Use a 3 hole notebook and page protectors to organize loose recipes
This is a box I have and its home is on a small table beside the front door. I'll be real honest I wait until Sunday afternoon to go through the papers. I decide what to toss, keep, sort, organize and file and take care of them. The box is then ready for a new week. This keeps it contained to one location instead of all over the table or other countertop. 

{Organized Home}

I know I have told you about having a "Household Notebook". Printables are available on the website. Trust me this is a real jewel and time saver as well. You have everything in one spot right at your fingertips.

Encouragement For The Spirit: By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures. ~ 
Proverbs 24:3&4

Blessings ♥

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