Tuesday, June 17, 2014

~ Day 7 ~ Organizing Your Work Space/Home Management

Everyone needs a work space. If you have bills that you pay every month you need an office or designated space.  There may be a desk and chair. It may be a loose-leaf  notebook & file box. No matter how big or small your work space is....it needs to have some organization to it and quick!

Emily Barnes has a quote I love. " Don't put it down, put it away."  I love her book "Simply Organized". Many of the ideas you will see here are from there.

Ask yourself these 4 questions to help you decide where would be the ideal place for you to setup your work space.

  1. Do you concentrate better in a quite location or do you work better being around other people?
  2. Do you like being near windows or are they distracting for you?
  3. Do you like your space sunny or shaded?
  4. What time of day is best for you to do your work? Morning, Afternoon or Evening?

Now take a look around your home trying to locate an area in you home that answers the above questions. It could be a corner in your bedroom. Or maybe you have a quest bedroom that has an area that would work well. Remember, you don't have to commit to your space right now. Sit in it for a while at different times throughout the day before you make that final decision.

{Office Depot}
  •  Desk: sturdy surface for writing. It also needs to be comfortable and not wobbly. 
  • Supplies:paper, pens, pencils, clips, rubber bands.  You can purchase inexpensive office containers, trays & storage bins at the Dollar Tree. 
  • Files & Records: this could be in one of the drawers in your desk. 
  • Area large enough for your computer. 
  • Wall organizers are great to hold paper.   

{Real Simple}

                                                                                                                                      Organizing all your supplies
Do not just throw all you things into a drawer. I just love all those cute little gadgets that hold desk supplies. I also use small mason jars to hold my paper clips, push pins and rubber bands.



This is great to hold note & legal pads so they are at your fingertips.

{Real Simple}

Get all those electronic cords, chargers and batteries
contained in this drawer organizer.

You may not have enough room to setup office space.  That's when you can get a loose leaf notebook for organizing your monthly bill. Get a file box at Walmart like this one. It has enough space inside to store hang files to organize your monthly papers. Statements, Bank Statements etc.
You will also store you Home Organizing Notebook with a Calendar inside.

Organized Home

Home Organizing & Management. This website has many printables.
Calendars,  Daily Planner, Weekly Planer etc..

Print each page and place in your loose leaf notebook. And you are all good to go. Keep this notebook inside the File Box

These are somethings you may or may not need or even want!
    • Household Notebook (This is an absolute must have)
    • Tabbed Index Dividers
    • Bulletin Board
    • Desk Lamp
    • Dictionary
    • File Folders
    • Hanging Files
    • Letter Open (this makes opening all those envelopes that come in daily)
    • Pens
    • Pencils
    • Paper Clips
    • Scissors
    • Rubber Bands
    • Ruler
    • Scratch Pad

So do you have a place in your home already picked out for your Work Space/ Home Management Area?
Tomorrow we will focus on How to stop being a slave to your mail and all that paper! 

Encouragement For The Spirit: True happiness comes to him who does his work well, followed by a releasing and refreshing period of rest.  Lin Yutang

Blessings ♥

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