Friday, June 20, 2014

~ Day 10 ~ 4 Ways To Become More Orgainzed

I'm usually pretty neat. But before I started this series on Organization, I took a look around and realized there's a big difference between being neat and being organized.

Being neat and tidy means that my space has the potential of becoming messy again!
Organized means "Everything has a place and Everything is in Its place!
I live in a very small home. And becoming organized wasn't easy and it still has its moments!

Trust me I still have so much stuff and finding a place for it all hasn't been an easy task. I have had many garage sales and tossed and given so much stuff away.
Why do we hold onto stuff? I'm not really sure I have an answer for that. Do you?

Anyway today I want to tell you 4 things that have helped me become more organized. I know I have shown you before Organized Home, but they have a wealth of papers you can print.

It's really no secret and I bet you already do this to a certain degree.
You just needs to become more consistent with these 4 things that will lead you to a more organized home!

#1)  "TO DO"  List
{Organized Home}
    • Now you can go online and print you this pretty "To Do" List or you can just take a regular 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper. Write up at the top "TO DO" . Now write down all the things you need to do. As you complete a task on you list mark it off! Then at the end of the day re-evaluate your list. Now this probably sounds silly, but while looking at your list you may remember doing something that wasn't on your list. WRITE IT DOWN! And then you can mark a line through it too. Start a new "TO DO" List each Monday. One thing I like to do is as I'm making my "TO DO" List I will prioritize my items. What should I do first and so on. I will also try to figure out how long it should take me and time myself. 
#2)   Have a Calendar. Make it the same size as your "TO DO" List. This makes it easier to handle and have

{Organized Home}
        in a notebook.

  • There are 2 types of calendars I prefer. 

    • The first one is a full month calendar on a page. 
      • on this one you will not have details written on it. Just simple appointments and engagements. ( i.e. sports games, meetings, dental appointments)

    • The second is a Day At a Glance
    • {Organized Home}
      • on this one you will be more specific in details. 
        • be sure not to over schedule yourself 
        • be sure to schedule time for yourself
        • be sure to schedule time with GOD

{Organized Home}
#3)   Make a Telephone/ Address list

  • I know you're thinking....I have all that stuff on my cell phone. And you're right, you do.  But what are you going to do if you lose your phone,  the battery goes dead, you drop your phone it shatters into a bazillion pieces. 
  • {Organized Home}
    • Make this the same size paper as your "TO DO" List & Calendar. Make headings like: School, Church, Dentist, Doctor, Hospital, Pharmacy Plumbers,  Carpenters and Restaurants. You may think of more or not need some I've suggested. Be creative this is your own directory of information. When you get ready to write the phone number and/or address be sure to use a pencil. 
#4)   Make a Simple Filing System (Emily Barnes motto~Don't Pile It-File It)  With that mind set               organizing your home and your life will be possible. I know we have gone over this before. But                     repetition is the best teacher!
    • You will need file folders. You can use plain manila or colorful (they're my favorite)
    • Label each folder with things like Auto Insurance, School Papers, Maps, Warranties, Taxes, Bank Statements, Cancelled Checks
    • Gather all those loose papers from every drawer, your handbag, in boxes etc. 
    • Now start filing those loose papers in their proper folders
  • If you have a filing cabinet that's where these folders will go. If not use a cardboard box you can find at Walmart or Office Depot. 
These 4 skills will take time to master. I've heard it takes 21 days to create a new habit. So don't get discouraged at first. Just stick with it and before you know it you will be organizing every area of your home and life. 

Remember I don't work on the weekend. It's your choice whether you do or not. 
So I will see you on Monday when we LEARN HOW TO SPEED CLEAN!!!!

I would love to hear how your home is coming along! Are there any areas I haven't covered yet that you would like for us to conquer?  Leave me a comment or send me an email.

Encouragement For The Spirit: For GOD has not given us a Spirit of Fear but of Power, Love & Self-Discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7

Blessings  ♥

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