Saturday, May 31, 2014

Cleaning Techniques

Cleaning TechniquesYou Can Use AllOver The Home

  • Place 2 trash bags and 1 large bin into the center of the room.   
    • We will only be working on 1 quarter of the room at a time, these bags need to be easy to get to from each section. Take the bag out of the room as it gets full and replace it with a new bag. This will help cut down on extra clutter and also it gives a feeling of accomplishment! 
      • Label each bag and the bin as follows 
        • Bag #1 is for TOSS, Bag #2 is for DONATE or GARAGE SALE, Large Bin is for KEEP (you will deal with this bin after all the room is cleaned).
  • Pick which quarter you want to work on first. 
    • Once that's decided, dig in!  
      • Pick up an item only 1 time! Decide where it goes and toss it in! 
  • If there's furniture in that quarter of the room, like an entertainment center, game system, desk, etc. be sure to clean it out as well. And the same goes for the closet too! 
    • Use the same tossing system. 
      • Now of course if it has folded clothes in it leave them alone. And if there are clothes still hanging in the closet and not all over the floor, leave them hanging. We will go through those 2 areas after everything is cleaned up. 
        • But if there is stuff in with the clothes that shouldn't be........GET IT OUT!!!  
        • Keep doing this until that quarter is cleaned. 
        •  It is time to tackle those drawers and the closet too that we talked about a little earlier !! Do the very same thing as you did with the room. Toss, Donate, Garage Sale or Keep. If keeping it put it away NOW or  if it is not staying then TOSS IT OUT NOW!!!

          • Take the bags in the middle of the floor out to the garage or wherever you want to store them until they can be taken to the appropriate place. 
            •  Keep the bin close by because you're going to be going through it soon.
            •  Now there is still work to be done. Kiddos may or may not be able to do some of this. Please use your best judgement. But please let them do as much as possible.

          • If there is a ceiling fan now would be the time to dust it. And Venetian blinds too! 
          • You can, but I don't believe it is necessary to keep focusing on the room divided into quarters. 
            • Take and pull each piece of furniture one at a time, away from the wall. Don't give your child or yourself a hernia. If it is just too heavy to shove, scoot or drag then NEVER MIND! But for the furniture that can be moved do so. 
            • Take the broom and sweep at the base of the baseboards. Get all that nasty dust out from between the carpet and baseboard.    
            • Put some all-purpose cleaner & water into the bucket and with a rag start to wash off any finger prints or marks on the wall and baseboards.
            • Also if there is a lot of dust on the furniture I would recommend you damping a rag with the all-purpose cleaner & water and wiping it off. 
              • This will catch most of the dust and cut down of the dust flowing elsewhere too. Now don't do this every time you clean. That wouldn't be good for the wood furniture.
            • Vacuum real good and then scoot the furniture back into place, unless you want to rearrange the furniture. This would be a great time to do that! 
            • Continue doing this until you have cleaned behind and underneath each piece of furniture.
          Now smell.....Doesn't it smell clean! And it is clean!
           You remember that LARGE BIN? Well now we get to go through it! 

          • take each and every item and sort them by likeness. Lego, trucks, dolls, kitchen toys, etc. and make piles
          • once everything is sorted out you need to decide where they are going to go and how they will be stored. 

These techniques can be use all over the house. These were taken from a post about Organizing Kids Rooms

Blessings ♥

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