Saturday, May 31, 2014

Cleaning Supplies List

Cleaning Supplies

  1. trash bags (I would have the lawn size, cause let's hope there's a lot to throw away & donate)
  2. duster (I use Swiffer Dusters, not the flat sheets )
  3. dust cloth (I use microfiber and flannel type cloths)
  4. furniture spray (Pledge Dust & Allergens is great)
  5. dust mop for solid floors
  6. broom & dust pan
  7. vacuum
  8. bucket (you'll need water in it later)
  9. rags ( handi-wipes or old washcloths work well)
  10. all-purpose cleaner (Mr. Clean, 409, Fabuloso all work well)
  11. rubber gloves (you never know what you might find) 
  12. windex
  13. paper towels 
  14. 1 LARGE bin for each child's room for now
I'm sure there will be other items along the way that you're going to need but for now that should do it!

This was taken from a post Organizing Kids Rooms

Blessings ♥

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