Friday, October 31, 2014

HaPPy!! HaLLoWeeN!!!

Hey Y'all!!  Yes it has been a few weeks.  I've had so much going on and just not enough hours in my days to keep up!  Whew!!

But I couldn't let today get away from me without sharing this yummy treat!!!

I have always loved "Pay Day" Candy Bars.  And I love the salty 'n' sweet taste it provides.  So when a fellow co-worker shared this awesome treat I knew I wanted to make it and share it with you.

It is super easy to make and not really expensive either.

HaLLoWeeN MaSH aka Pumpkin Patch Munch

2 cups Brachs Candy Corn
2 cups Dry Roasted Peanuts
Air Tight Container

Place the Candy Corn & Dry Roasted Peanuts into the Air Tight Contain.  Mix gently with your hand. This is so you do not nick up the candy.
Let it sit overnight (if you can).  This allows for the flavors to mingle together.
Yeah....I couldn't wait either. (wink wink)!


My daughter Mandi made this yummy treat for all the carpool teachers where her little angel goes to school. Didn't they turn out so cute??

My favorite way to eat this tasty treat is 3-4 peanuts per 1 candy corn.
What's your favorite way to eat this treat??

Enjoy and have a GHouLiSH & SaFe HaLLoWeeN!!!!!!

Encouragement For The Soul ~ God is Good....   Psalm 100:5

Blessings ♥

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