Wednesday, July 2, 2014

3 Easy Ways To Organize Your "Everyday Big Bag" ~ Day 17 ~

Hey I'm so glad you're back!

I have something much smaller for us to organize today!

Let's organize our purses!

So I don't know what size of purse you have.  But I feel that this concept is one that can be done with just about any purse.

Let's Get Started!

It can be so frustrating at times when I'm getting ready to walk out the door.  I grab my keys out of my purse only to remember I forgot to change all my stuff into a small purse that goes better with my outfit than my regular purse.  But I don't have time now! I'll just have to take in my clunky purse anyway!

This issue is easily taken care of  if I am using this awesome system I found got it....Emily Barnes "Simply Organized"

I know if you will use these few steps I'm going to share with you, you'll be able to change your purse out in the blink of an eye.


1)    Large Handbag

    • Nice large size for everyday use.  
    • This will hold just about everything you might need throughout the day while away from home.

  2)    3-7 small bags.
    • These are the purse size cosmetic bags. 
    • I would suggest you get each one a different texture, size and color.  
    • This makes it much easier to know which one you have in your hand without having to look.
3)    Wallet 
    • Needs to be functional for you! 
    • It's a very important item in your purse & you use it a lot! 
    • Make sure it has a section to keep a few bills and change, credit cards, checkbook, driver's license, store perk card, gift know!
Now Get It Organized 

These are the Items you will have in your Everyday Big Bag

A.   Wallet: 
    • pen                                   
    • checkbook
    • change compartment           
    • money
    • credit cards                           
    • driver's license

B.   Makeup Bag #1
    • lipstick                                      
    • blush
    • comb                                         
    • small brush
    • mirror                                        
    • small hair clip
    • small nail file

C.    Small Bag # 1
    • breath mints                                       
    • gum
    • cough drops                                         
    • small perfume
    • headache medicine                              
    • hand lotion                                           
    • tissues

D.    Eyeglass Case for sunglasses

E.    Eyeglass Case for reading, spare glasses

F.    Small bag # 2
    • business cards (yours & hubby's) for: 
      • hairdresser
      • doctor (health plan)
    • seldom-used credit cards                 
    • store perk & reward cards
    • library cards                                     
    • gift cards

G.    Small bag # 3   I do not have this extra bag in my Everyday Big Bag. I have most of this in my                                     #1 Small Bag.
    • small Bible                                      
    • mini sewing kit
    • band-aid                                         
    • small tape measure
    • tooth picks                                      
    • toothbrush
    • toothpaste                                       
    • spot remover
    • feminine protection


This is an awesome little organizer from 
Thirty-One Gifts.

My "Youngest Princess" gave it to me 
for a birthday gift! 
Love it so much. 
I keep my coupons and shopping list inside. 

Now you have everything contained and easy to get to and change out when you're in a hurry.  
You will be able to run into the dry cleaners, flower shop, Starbucks, etc.  And rather than having to carry in your Everyday Big Bag you can simply reach into it & pull out your wallet & run in.

By doing this system with your purse it will take you less that a minute to grab a few of the bags out of your Everyday Big Bag and throw them into a smaller purse if you are going out for the evening or to lunch with a friend.  Then when you get back home you can simply put all the little bags back into your Everyday Big Bag.   

And for those of you who are not into carrying an Everyday Big Bag, that's okay!  Because I have the same exact bags and everyday needs right here in my Thirty-One Skirt Purse. Which is about half the size of my Everyday Big Bag.

So you see you can do it big or you can do it small! The main thing is to just do it!! Get that purse under control!  

What are some strange but necessary things you carry in your purse?  

Encouragement For The Spirit ~
Don't act thoughtlessly, but try to find out and do whatever the LORD wants you to do. 
Ephesians 5:17

Blessings ♥

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