Thursday, June 12, 2014

~ Day 4 ~ Organizing The Master Bedroom #2

Hey I'm glad you're back!
It's a new day and you are making super progress on the Master Bedroom in  Day 4 of getting our Life & Home Cleaned & Organized.

Today, I still want you to focus on the Master Bedroom. While you're busy de-cluttering and purging I want you to envision creative ways you can get all your clothes and things in your room organized.

I'm going to show you pictures that I've found, of different ways that you can do to take it to the next level; take it from clean to wow!

You may be in the same "boat" as I am and you just can't go out and buy all the cute little boxes and bags and crates to put all your loose things in. Or maybe you can. It doesn't matter because there are ways, with a little creativity and time you can make just plain boxes and containers look like you spent a bunch of $$ but maybe you didn't spend a few ¢'s

So sit back for just a few minutes. Grab another cup of coffee and enjoy looking at the different ideas I've found to contain all our stuff in our closet areas. Some you may like and others you may thing REALLY! 
God made each of us different so 1 thing isn't for all! 
Have a wonderful day and keep up the great work!

{Found on Pinterest}

In my dreams!!! This is a very nice and organized closet. 


                                            A cute way to store all those fun flip flops

These are so attractive. Easily and cheap to make too

{Green Seed Creations}

Great blog showing how she organized her closet
She used boxes, crates and baskets to help contain all of her loose items.

{DIY & Crafts}

This is a makeover using an add-in from Ikea

Now you know Martha....she's got an solution for everything and on her website she has a multitude of closet solutions.
{Martha Stewart}

I just love an Armoire don't you? They aren't always as roomy as we would like. However this one is very well organized and would be wonderful if you need to add extra storage in a bedroom.

{Martha Stewart}

These two look very similar. Which do you prefer?

{Martha Stewart}

{Ana White}

What a neat idea. Adding a shelf onto the inside of your closet door. Added storage! Love it!

{Take A Side Street }

She made this new closet for her sons. And she says it was really inexpensive to do.

{Apartment Therapy}

She has upgraded her hangers here. I think that can make a world of difference in the way your closet looks. Wooden hangers (if I could afford them) are wonderful. The don't leave that been hangin' on the hanger a long time look. The shoulders do not get that crease in them.

{wanna be balanced mom}

Here is a tutorial on how to take a regular shoe box and turn it into anything but ordinary.

Okay so I think I have gotten your creative juices to least I hope so. You don't have to click and find out how to do all of these right now. Cause there's still lots of work to be done today.

Please if you have any questions or ideas just click on the comments section (it may say No Comments) below in the bright green box and we'll chat
So times a wastin' and let's get this job done!

Encouragement For The Spirit: My idea of a home is a house in which each member of the family can on the instant kindle a fire in his or her private room. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Blessings ♥

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