Friday, March 7, 2014

New Temporary Look!!!!

It has come to my attention, that through others unfortunate mistakes, that I too could be in some copyrighted photo illegal doings.
So as of RIGHT NOW, I am taking down all pictures except ones I have taken personally.
I will  be replacing them as time goes by with my own pictures.  So please bare with me as I am not by any means a photographer and it will take time to replace these pictures with my own.

I do totally understand that someone took their time to take those pictures and while I tried to always give credit where credit was due, I do not want someone coming at me with a lawsuit (which they would win!) even when it is in a "Public Domain" site like....well I will not use their names....because who knows they too might be able to sue me because I used their name. (wink wink).

Blessings  ❤

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