Saturday, February 15, 2014

My First Saturday's Beauty Before Age

Welcome to Saturday's Beauty Before Age.

I have been looking for ways to try and improve my looks as
I get ready to turn 61 this month.
But oh my goodness!
There are so many products out there with as many different price tags.

Where in the world am I going to start?
How am I going to figure out which ones are better than others?
I mean just because it costs a bazillion dollars doesn't necessarily mean it's the best product.  In fact many times the less expensive product is just as good or maybe even a better choice than the most expensive one.
During my search for the right products that won't break the bank or at least not too much! Ha! I found the reason my hair seemed to be abandoning ship.  What I found out is, that as we age the hairs on our head go on a "diet" and successfully loses weight.
Actually the hair shaft gets thinner.
I wish I was as successful at losing weight as my hair!
So at least I knew I wasn't going bald.  Whew!

I have found a few products that are great at "thickening" your hair shaft. Now they don't really make your hair thicker they simply make your hair think it's thicker by coating the hair shaft and adding texture along with giving it volume.

Girls volumizers are our friends especially as we age.
Anything that says "adds volume" is what you want. Shampoos, conditioners, mousses, and sprays.
Here are a few volume adding products I've used and would like to recommend.

TRESemme' Thermal Creation Mousse is the lower priced volumizer.
But not to worry because it is one that is more than what you pay for.
I have used Thermal Mousse before and I was amazed by the volume and hold this product gives at such a lower price.
This product uses the heat from your Blow Dryer and Irons to add the volume while also protecting the hair from drying out quite so much.  TRESemme' Thermal Creations Mousse pumps up your hair by using the heat which gives it the ultimate source of mile-high volume.  It leaves your hair flexible with fullness and long lasting style.

Right now I'm using Big Sexy Hair Root Plump Plus which is in the mid price range. This is a humidity-resistant volumizing spray mousse that helps you create big volume by pumping up the roots with lots of extra hold.  It sprays out and turns into a mousse to give you tons of volume.    It sprays out and turns into a mousse to give you tons of volume.  Spray it to damp hair right at the root to get awesome texture and volume.  Another great thing about this product is that it protects the hair against humidity to help keep it from going flat!

Another product from Sexy Hair is, Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo.  It is a talc-free, mineral and clay-based dry shampoo that absorbs impurities, excess oils, and product build-up.  It creates instant volume and texture and contains some UV filters to protect the hair against damaging sun rays. Spray it throughout your hair and look at the difference.  I;s a dry shampoo but this is a little trick that many hairstylist use to give you a fuller and more voluminous look. 

(sorry for the way this looks Blogger must be have an issue.  this usually happens when you copy and paste however this is not the problem.)

Aquage...I have not used Aquage personally, but I have heard some great reviews about this product. Now it is on the pricey end but if you have the money I really believe you're going to love this one.
Aquage Uplifting Foam is loved by so many ladies. This product creates maximum lift and volume as you blow your hair dry.  Your hair stays soft and pliable but is full of body and bounce.  Your style will be long lasting too!

These are just a few of the "magic tricks" I havfound for the hair.  I will be giving you more "tricks" each week so be sure and check back every Saturday for more ways to put Beauty Before Age! 

I would love to hear what products you have used and what works best for you! Please share your findings!

She is clothed with strength and dignity, she can laugh at the days to come. Proverbs 31: 25

Have a great week!

Blessings ❤

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