Monday, February 10, 2014

Beauty Before Age

I suppose the reason this has made me take a good long and hard look at myself (no pun intended, I don't think?) is because this month I will be turning 61! Whatever the reason, I have a question to ask you!

Have you looked into the mirror lately?  I mean really looked?!

Or maybe you've been walking in the mall and happen to catch a glimpse out of the corner of your eye, a reflection of someone, only to was really you?
And you had to stop and asked yourself..."What in the world has happened to me?" 
Did you think "I know I don't look like that. Do I?"
You know it has to be the mirror or maybe that glass is on the cheaper side.
Kinda like those disfiguring mirrors at the amusement park.

OMWORD!, that happened to me just the other morning and I wasn't really sure what to do.
I almost started to cry!  WHERE DID YOU GO??!!!

Now I know I'm not going to go under the knife.  That is just too drastic and costly.
Not just initially, but for the future too.  I mean it's not just a one time thing!  And a face lift?  It only lasts for so long.  I mean let's be honest; if you're like me,  I'm hoping I last a lot longer that any face lift will!

Anyway....I started looking, trying to find some easy and yet inexpensive ways to look younger and feel younger too. Some that I have found are over the counter products and others are items you have at home in your drawer, closet, pantry and refrigerator. We will see there are also ways to wear or color your hair that can help make a huge difference. There are ways to wear your clothes and accessories to change where other's eyes would normally tend to go also.

So I hope you will join me on Saturday's as we will begin to discover how to bring out our natural beauty and our inner beauty.  We will discover ways to make that person that's staring back at us in the mirror each and everyday be just a little younger looking!  Maybe a little thinner too.
And I will also share some inner beauty tips as well.

Until then just give that "person in the mirror" a sweet little smile and wink. Love and embrace her because she was made by God.

She is worth far more than rubies....Proverbs 31:10

See ya Saturday! 

Blessings  ♥

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