Thursday, July 4, 2013

~ Banana Pudding ~

1 can Eagle Brand Milk
1&1/2 c. Milk
1 large Box Jell-o Vanilla Pudding
1 pint Heavy Whipping Cream
2-3 Bananas
1 box Vanilla Wafers


  1. In a mixing blend well both milks 
  2. Add pudding and mix stirring briskly with a whisk
  3. Refrigerate pudding for 5 minutes
  4. Beat on high heavy whipping cream until it forms peaks
  5. Fold into pudding
  6. Line 9" x 13" pan with a layer of vanilla wafers
  7. Add a layer of sliced banana
  8. Add a layer of pudding
  9. Continue until you end with pudding on the top
  10. Crush a handful of vanilla wafers to garnish on the top
  11. ENJOY!
Blessings ♥

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