Monday, March 4, 2013

Sandwiches ~ Wraps ~ Roll-ups

Lunch Roll-ups
1 Serving
Sargento Cheese Stick of your choice
4 slices of Market Pantry Healthy Sandwich Meat
1 T. Brown Mustard
  • Cut down the length of a Cheese Stick into half 
  • Cut those 2 halves into the same way as before.
  • You should now have 4 thin long cheese strips
  • Take 1 piece of Market Pantry Healthy Sandwich Meat and lay it out flat. Place 1 of the thin strips of cheese at the shorter end of the cheese. Begin rolling up all the way to the end
  • Continue this until all 4 slices of meat and 4 strips of cheese have been used.  
  • Cut all 4 Meat & Cheese Roll-ups in half
  • You now should have 8 short Meat & Cheese Roll-ups 
    Use the Brown Mustard for dipping you Sandwich Meat Roll-ups

    Nutritional Info Coming Soon

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