Friday, March 29, 2013

I Live Because Of Him!

Today is a happy yet somber day in the lives of Christians.

You see today is Good Friday.

Many might say what is good about Good Friday?
Isn't that the day when Christ was nailed so cruelly to the cross and He died?
And when I think about it...I too stop and ponder why it is good?

As doing so I am reminded that without Good Friday we wouldn't be
getting ready to celebrate Easter.  Christ's resurrection!

Because without what happened on that day, on that hill,
on that would not have the happy ending like it
will one day when we, Christians go home to glory and
sit at the feet of the man that made this all possible.

So why is Good Friday good?
Because of Grace.

Grace:  God's unmerited favor.

It is kindness from God we so do not deserve.
There is absolutely nothing we can do, nor have ever done to earn this favor.
Grace is a beautiful gift from God.
Grace is divine assistance given to us for our rebirth.
We are set apart; given the perfect gift from God.


Have a Blessed Day!
Betsy  ♥

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