Monday, August 18, 2014

My Kitchen Update

Hey Y'all!  How y'all doing?

I have been going in circles lately.
But I am not complaining by any means!  Being busy is great!
Work on my kitchen is coming along.  I have been trying to squeeze in as much time to work on the kitchen as I can.

But I had a lady call and she needed me to come and do CPR on her home!  (wink, wink)
Actually she wanted me to come and help get her home organized, cleaned out and cleaned up!

So I called princess # 1 aka Mandi to come and help!  We make a great team.  We think a lot alike and in fact we can almost finish each other's thoughts and sentences.

We have been working 2 to 3 days a week lately plus I already had a couple of homes that I take care of on Wednesdays.  So squeezing in spare time has been crazy tight!

I've hit a snag in my kitchen update though. The first snag I've hit is my pantry door.  I sanded the door along with all the cabinets and got them all prepped.
I decided to get Behr Oil Base Black Paint.  Why? I really do not even know.
I came home and couldn't wait to get it painted.  So I got out my brush and jumped right in only to be very disappointed really quick.
I have used oil base paints before but this had to be the worst I've ever had happen.  It wouldn't move, or smooth out.  I have never seen so many brush stroke in all my life.  And I was using Behr, .a good brand. So it was suppose to be a great quality.  I went ahead and tried finishing it the best I could.  4 hours later it is still just as wet as it was when I brushed it on.  My heart just sank.
I ended up taking the can of paint back.  The guy at Home Depot told me it usually took 24 hours to not be tacky any more.  It had been 12 hours since I bought the paint and the little dot that they put on the top of the lid was sit just as sticky as it was when I picked it up.  They were nice though and gave me my money back and I went home very unhappy.  4 days later the door was finally dry!  Thank goodness cause we were getting tired of having black fingertips when we opened the pantry door through the door knob hole.

Pantry Door Before Paint

Pantry Door After Oil Paint
Very Streaky 
We decided to use a spray paint on the doors.  I'm much happier with the way they've turned out!

We haven't gotten the Pantry Door rehung so I don't have a picture of the door yet.  Hang on though because it will be in a later post.

 I've been painting the bottom kitchen cabinets black too. I took the doors off and all the hardware too.  I sanded them down and the drawers too.  I primed them with an oil base primer and started painting them.
This time I'm using Glidden Duo Semi-Gloss Latex Paint that has a primer in it as well.  I figured I was going to cover all my bases!

I have put 2 coats on the cabinet frames and then 2 coats on the cabinet doors both outside and inside.  2 days later they feel sticky.  And I accidentally let 2 of them touch each other for just a few minutes.  And when I pulled them apart they had stuck together.  WHAT???  Once again my heart sank!  What in the world was I going to do??  I have always used latex paint and NEVER have I ever had this happen.

Underneath Kitchen Sink After Bill Put In Braces For New Floor 

Underneath Kitchen Sink After We Got In The New Floor

Now the conclusion I have come to is the primer that is being put into the BETTER QUALITY LATEX PAINTS whether it is Glidden, Behr, Valspar or who ever, isn't making them BETTER but WORSE.

Yes!  They may be great on the walls but for other things it is a waste of $$$.

I was talking to the lady in the paint department at Lowe's about the issue I've been having and she said they have had a lot of complaints from a lot of their customers.  So FYI don't use the new latex paints for anything but walls.  Just sayin'!

Kitchen Cabinets Before Latex Paint

Kitchen Cabinets After Latex Paint

Other Kitchen Cabinets After Latex Paint

Having said that!  I HAVE FOUND MY NEW LOVE!!!!!  CHALK PAINT!!!  When I started researching online what to do about sticky tacky latex paint, I came across Chalk Paint.  It sounded like my only hope!  Other than stripping all my cabinets and that just wasn't in my game plan at all.

I looked at Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint and oh my!  I knew I couldn't spend that much money after all the money I had just spent and basically wasted.  So I found out you can make your own!  And you know how much I love all this DIY stuff.  Hummmm! I think I've found a future post in the making.  I will go into more detail on that later.  Let me just say my heart is singing once again!!! I hope you enjoyed the pictures of what I have gotten done to date.    
There will be more coming in the very near future.

This I believe has been the longest project I've ever done!  I'm getting tried of all the issues but I sure am learning a lot about what to do when things go wrong!

But through it all my hubby has been so sweet by overlooking the mess.  I know I have been neglecting him and the house. But by the grace of God I will get this all done!

What projects are you working on?  Have you ever had an issue with any type of paint before? 

Encouragement For The Soul ~ In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:6

 Blessings ♥

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