Saturday, July 5, 2014

Nail Polish ~ What's Your Favorite Color? ~ Saturday's Beauty Before Age ~

Good Morning Y'all!  
Did y'all have a great 4th of July?  
Our family gathering was a fun one.  We have another one today!  Party! Party! Party!

I was getting ready to polish my nails when I thought the colors that I have are so plain.  
You go to the stores and see all those bright and pretty colors.  

Gee-Whiz! I think I need a complete over-haul on my nail polishes.   

Did you know you can try nail color on online before you buy it?  Well you can!  I found it on OPI !  You click on a tab and out pops this hand!  You can change the nail length and skin tone too.  It's really neat!  And with all those am I going to decide! Lets see.... 
I love !!!!!  { LeaPink For Joy}       I think that's one of my favs!!!!!  It's so and delicate but not too soft that it makes my hands look pale. 

I just love all the funny and cute names that OPI has come up with like....
 {Fresh Squeezed}                               and        {Fabulous Is My Middle Name}    

{Have A Heart}                          and                        {Candy Is Dandy}   

I guess you can tell by looking at the colors I picked I'm pretty much a "Pink" gal.  And I love OPI because it last on my nails longer than other brands.  No I don't get a kick back from them I just really like the quality of their products!

What is your favorite brand and colors?

Beauty for the Spirit ~ The best things in Life are found in the One who created You!

Have a Great and Blessed Saturday! Until next week!
Blessings  ♥

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