Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturday's Beauty Before Aging ~ 6 Busted Myths About Sunscreen!!!

Okay! So its now Summer Time and that means Sun Time. And to be real honest I never have been one to worry about the sun and the damage it can cause to your skin. I know...shame on me!  But I'm here to tell you that has all changed. When I look in the mirror and see the lady looking back at me....she's looking a little older and wants to know what she could of done and should of done to look a little smoother. One of those things would be to have used sunscreen. But I was always one of those who wanted to be Tan and NOT be a ghost! I thought that sunscreen would keep me from tanning and I would always look pastie. But that is not true. The damage that sun causes can be life altering. And I don't want that for myself or for you! So here are 6 Sunscreen myth buster for you!  There are 2 types of ultraviolet light. There is UVB which causes sunburn and UVA which penetrates the skin on a much deeper level and this one is the wrinkle causer. However both UVB & UVA cause skin cancer. 

  1. Its cloudy outside so I can skimp or not wear sunscreen....WRONG you can still get sunburned on cloudy days. Maybe even more so because you don't feel the HEAT from the sun beating down on you so you stay outside longer.  You must wear sunscreen all the time sunny, cloudy or even hazy days. Your life could be on the line! Did you know that skin cancer is leading cancer in America? 3.5 Million people find out every year that they have this kind of cancer....every year! I don't want to be included in that you?
  2. My makeup has sunscreen in it so I'm good to go!  WRONG it's fine to have sunscreen in you makeup, but you need to consider that in this case MORE IS BETTER. If you're wearing a foundation with sunscreen in it you are actually only getting a small amount of sunscreen as appose to applying straight sunscreen. Foundation with sunscreen in it may not be enough to protect you! You should look for a facial moisturizer also that has a sunscreen in it. Or apply both a moisturizer and sunscreen before you apply your makeup. Better to be safe than sorry! Right?  And be sure it is at least an SPF of 30.                                                        
  3. Sunscreen is Sunscreen...Right? WRONG  There are different ways they can protect your skin. There are ones with Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide and these filter out UVA & UVB rays. Then there are others that use chemicals like Avobenzone to do the job. And then there's new sunscreen products out there with Helioplex and Meroxyl SX.   However, there is no real sure conclusion as which of these work the best. Dematologist like the newer ones with Helioplex and Meroxyl SX. While the AAD  seem to like  sunscreen that has an SPF of 30 or higher and provides a broad-spectrum of coverage against UVA & UVB light.           
  4. I applied every morning so I'm good...WRONG Read the label . Most need to be re-applied in 2-4 hours. That's right! So take your sunscreen with you! My Mother always told me..."Don't be stingy, Betsy Jane". And that is the way we need to think when it comes to you and your kids with sunscreen. DON'T BE STINGY!!!  If you don't want to use a lot of sunscreen be sure and cover up exposed skin while outside. Wear a hat that shades you face. Clothes are actually better to use than sunscreen! If you are in the water please be sure to re-apply again! Nothing is totally waterproof! And check your medications. Some of them can cause your skin to be more sensitive to sun than others. Blood Pressure meds can and so can some antibiotics. So be sure before you go outside!
  5. Lotion Sunscreens are the doesn't matter as long as you put it on! It is really your personal preference that matters in this case. Men may prefer alcohol based because they don't want to feel "greasy". And Moms may prefer the spray because it's easier to hit a moving target! "wink,wink". The bottom line is APPLY IT LIBERALLY!!!!
  6. Last years bottle is still almost full, so we will finish it off....WRONG...Yes sunscreen has an expiration too.! Check it and be sure its still good. Nothing like thinking your helping when in the long run your actually not! Sunscreen can break down rather quickly especially the one for UVA protection. So don't let it sit around too long....USE IT!!!! 

So remember the Sunscreen from now on when you are getting ready for the day in the sun! 

Beauty for the Spirit....I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you....Ezekiel 36:26

Blessings ♥

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