Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day With My ❤LiTtLe AnGeLs❤

Yesterday, Preschool was a blast!
My ❤little angels❤ got to decorate their Heart Shaped cut-out cookies and exchange Valentine's Day cards.
For the month of February our shape is none other than a "❤" .  Which was great cause we were able to use Valentine's Day for more than just cookies and cards.

On Wednesday I got to thinking...since it is flu season maybe we didn't need to be sharing our germs with one another.
Like I'm always telling them when they are trying to share their lunches with each other,
God wants us to share with others, but I don't think He means our germs!
So I got busy and  pre-made our heart cookies so we could avoid this little issue!

I took icing and sprinkles and let my
❤little angels❤ be the decorators.
This was also a very good time for them to practice their fine motor skills.
Learning without realizing it at all. Yey!!

 We had to get some work done though before party time!  
Here they are working on the  letter T .and the number 6

After Circle Time I let the ❤little angels❤ fill everyone's Valentine's Day sacks they got to make on Tuesday, with all the treats of love they had to share with each other!
Aren't their sacks cute.  I think I have a class full of Rembrandt's and Van Gogh's but I'm a little bias. (wink! wink!)
But seriously I think for 3 and 4 year older's they did great!

Then it was finally Party Time!!

Let them eat Cake Cookies!!!                           
And believe it or not they ate every bite of their Valentine's Day Cookie they had decorated. Yum!

I think my ❤little angels❤ had fun!!

And so did I!

I hope you have an awesome Valentine's Day today!
Are y'all doing anything special with your sweetie pie?
I hope so and I would love to hear what you are doing for Valentine's Day!

Blessings  ❤

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